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Psychedelic prog black | Established 2010 | GR | Facebook

As we decided to compose the dramaturgy of the anniversary MGCDF 2018 in a partially retrospective vein, in few instances we also ventured beyond just the past festival rosters. For this year’s third installment of Hellenic Darkness, i.e. of the club festival dedicated to Greek metal, hosted among others one of the hidden jewels of the Hellenic scene, the progressive black metal psychedelics HAIL SPIRIT NOIR, who captivated us so much so that it would be a great pity not to invite them again, this time to our festival. This act from Thessaloniki has music experiments in its blood, as apparent already from the 2011 debut “Pneuma”, which presented a moder approach to black metal combined with somber melodies and elements of horror and psychedelia. The album sound was created purposefully with only analogue equipment, thus reaching a significant retro effect. This striving for a truly unique sound carried over to the second album "Oi Magoi", which synthesized the prog black with notable jazz elements. The third studio album "Mayhem in Blue", released last year, took this approach even further. The raw black metal was scaled back, while more space was given to weird combinations of classic instruments and electronic sounds, whereby creating a very addictive whole. In short, something for all aficionados of strange and complicated music.